When Peter Freudenthaler and Volker Hinkel founded their Fools Garden in the German town Pforzheim in 1991, they did not suspect that their musical plants would be world-famous a few years later. They attained first national attention with their song "Wild Days", which was used in an advertising spot for "C&A".

But the real wild days began with "Lemon Tree". The "Lemon Tree from the Black Forest" has fascinated the whole world since 1995. The song was translated into over 40 languages and achieved a sales quota of over six million units.

With "Lemon Tree" the band Fools Garden grew up to be one of the "Big Ones" in the world wide music business. Since then Fools Garden has played concerts around the whole world. In May 2005 they played their biggest concert until now in Kalingrad (Russia) in front of over 100.000 spectators.

Fools Garden has always made a point of leading their career on their own. All Fools Garden songs are own-written and since 2003 they have also run their own label.
Since 2003 they also have new band members on board. The first album of the new band "(Are You Ready For) The Real Life" was released in 2005. For many fans and critics it is the best Fools Garden album ever.

So far Fools Garden published six albums, which contain many international radio hits. While songs like "Wild Days", "Suzy", "It Can Happen", "Probably" or "Why Did She Go?" jumped into the German charts, tracks like "Closer", "Dreaming" and "Does Anybody Know?" became popular in Russia.

The 7th album "High Times - The Best Of Fools Garden" combines these hits. It also includes the new single "High Time" and a new version of Lemon Tree.

Fools Garden are:
Peter Freudenthaler - vocals
Volker Hinkel - guitar
Dirk Blümlein - bass
Claus Müller - drums